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How Important Is Good Website Design?

How Important Is Good Website Design?

A website often gives customers the first impression of a company. It’s important that when a customer visits your website they get an accurate impression that reflects your company values, quality and product.

A well-designed website is more than just graphics and layouts. It should promote your business to the highest level by informing customers of your services, and it should help to drive sales.

Commercially, being online has never been more crucial. A recent study shows – close to 50% of people in Ireland research a product or service online before a purchasing locally in-store or by phone.

Good Web Design Examples

Here are some key points you should consider when evaluating a well-designed website:

  • Does it have an appropriate look and feel for its business and sector?
  • Does it inspire confidence in prospective customers? Do they know ‘they’re in the right place for the job’?
  • Is it easy to navigate, so that a customer can find the information that they need?
  • Does it stand up to a ‘Glance Test’? When a Glance Test is successful; new visitors should have a broad idea of what you do and your key value propositions within the first 5 seconds of viewing your site.
  • Can customers easily contact you and quickly take the next step in buying / ordering / booking from you?

Our Process

Our web design team starts each new website build by learning about your business, finding out – who is your customer, what makes you unique, what questions customers most often ask you, and how you differentiate yourself from competitors.

Writing about yourself and your own business is often a difficult task, that’s why we have a dedicated content team who know how to make your business leap off the page and drive sales. It all starts with the content interview; they take all your great ideas and goals, make it flow and sound great.

Our team then go through any photography you have and compliment your site with additional images from our extensive library as needed.

If your business requires new photography or interactive content like 360 Virtual Tours and walkthroughs we can handle that for you too. We’ve built thousands of websites for all kinds of businesses throughout Ireland. It’s our knowledge and service that makes our website design service an excellent choice for service companies, retailers, venues and accommodation providers.

What’s Next

Now that you have an appreciation of what you’re looking for, the next step is to have a look around the web and find some examples which you believe would mirror your business. After that, start to think what images and content you might use to present your business online.

If your company needs a professionally designed website give us a call. We help companies throughout Ireland increase reach and sales volume by creating beautifully designed websites that meet business their needs.

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